due on sale clause POLL.

I figured with so much talk about the DOSC and the differing views that we could have a poll and see where people stand on this issue.

Either you worry about it, or you don’t. Vote one or the other. If you are unsure, don’t vote.

I am very curious to see how this poll end up. If anyone wants to check the forums, I’m sure you can find all kinds of different views on the DOSC.

Please, if you don’t mind, when you vote, post a reply with how you voted, but lets leave opinions out, and just take a count here, I would appreciate one post per person with either a “YES, I worry about the DOSC”, or a “NO, I don’t worry about the DOSC”

If someone wants to have a threat discussing the poll, I would appreciate it being in a different thread, I would just like this to be used for the way everyone voted, and leave the debating to a different thread. My next post will be the way I hope it can be done.

Please, once again, just use this thread to vote and not for debate.

Thanks all, Tony

NO, I don’t worry about the DOSC.

I’m about as beginner as you can get, and yes… it’s something that’s held me from action for a long time now (among other things…)

No, I don’t worry about the DOSC at all.
As a matter of fact one of my local banks asked me to take over the payments for this lady. So I had her deed me the house and I brought her current and started making the payments. The bank even waived all the legal fees. I really don’t think it’s a big deal.


I don’t worry about the DOSC at all because land trusts are exempt. In my opinion, those who ignore it are taking an unnecessary risk. Ask yourself how complicated or expensive is the litigation you could be subject to because you took short cuts. It’s like riding a motorcycle without a helmet, someday you are going to wish you had your helmet!

Da Wiz

NO I don’t worry about the DOSC.

No way. Since my very first takeover deal where the bank said: “No problem.” I’ve barely given it so much as a passing thought.

For those of you who use “subject to”, lease options, or land contracts as a method of controlling real property, you are knowingly in violation of the DOSC and choose to just ignore it because “banks never call the loans due”. They do. If you are going to advise others to do this, then I suggest you at least provide this form:


Someone thinks it’s important enough to have a legal agreement acknowledging the mutual intentional violation of the mortgage.

Da Wiz
Not a lawyer, just common sense.