Due Diligence

Was wondering if some of you out there can enlighten me and explain to me where I would go to perform the best due diligence on prospective properties before I purchase or bid on them at auctions? I am new to this and would like some assistance if possible on where I can find out if a property has current junior lines, government liens, etc? Also, where and when should I do a title search?

Anything you can offer will be much appreciated!


Two things pop out to me. One do a Public Records Search(free) and two pay for a pre-title search. Maybe even check the local utilities so you don’t inherit something.Herbster


You are right on the mark pay for the title search

Yes some would say but i am out the money if i do not buy you are but look at this this way to be honest you could be out a lot more if you did not

But to just go out and blindly buy property is a way to get in to some real hard spots

As well get more then you ever wanted /sellers will lie to make a deal if they are in a very bad way

It is up to you the buyer to cover your own assets ! :bobble

Great advice and much appreciated. Will these title searches pull up any and all liens already associated with the properties? Thanks again.

They will tell you every thing you are going to need to know to see if the seller is truthful and if it is adeal or not for you