Dubai and the real estate boom

Hello everyone, my name is Hani.

I am wondering how many of you have heard of the real estate boom in Dubai, UAE, and if so is anyone presently participating in that?

I will be interested to know your views on the matter.

Hi Hanii,

I haven’t heard much of anything about Dubai, UAE, let alone a real estate boom.
That doesn’t mean much however, what matters is you. Please don’t wait for me to hear about Dubai before you do anything. IF there is buying and selling there, and you are interested in making some dirhams[money], then by all means, start buying and selling, option or whatever method you are comfortable with.

Well I had no ideal there was a place called Dubai - WOW I found it.

Understanding the Dubai real estate boom

Interesting market!

Hani tell us more.

Uh, you do realize you responded to a post that was made 6 years ago, right?

I commonly refer to these as “look at my website” posts…