Dual Agent experiences

I had a agent represent me and the seller on this most recent deal. The seller was a smaller regional type bank only in the state. Being a bank though, they probably get some nice properties that the realtor would love to get the listings for. So I feel, although he did a good job, he could have been more aggressive and played for my side a little more. What kinds of experiences have you guys had with dual agents? What should I do in the future?

Dual agents have a conflict of interest. The best an agent in a dual agency can do is be totally neutral. They can’t fight for you because it goes against their fiduciary responsibility to get the best possible price for the seller.

All they can do is present your offer to the seller.

Just how I see it.

If you have a choice, and if it won’t blow the deal, I’d find any buyer’s agent I could find to represent me–if nothing else to make a friend by getting them a commission, and hopefully being able to get comps or other favors from them later on.