Drywall on top of plaster?

I have a 6 unit apartment that I am re-modeling and was wondering if I could put 1/4 drywall over the old plaster walls. It would definitely be a time saver.

Thoughts anyone?


Hell yeah! Do it! I would just make sure that you use some long drywall screws to make sure your drwyall is attached to the wood behind the plaster.

Done it many times. Just follow Jared’s intructions…

Are the walls cracked and deteriorating? Or are you just trying to cover over the plaster?

If the walls are in good shape just leave em.

If they have a few cracks use some mesh tape and drywall mud.

If larger area get screen door screen and use that as mesh tape over the area.

We do it all the time. Glue and screw.