Dryvit, Stucco questions

I am located in the Northeast (Buffalo, NY area) and will be converting a building from mansard style to a more traditional look. I like the product that seems to be used for most new commercial buildings. It looks like Stucco and I know that there is a product called Dryvit. Is anyone aware of alternatives to these products that are suitable for the Northeast?

I am trying to explore my options and can’t seem to locate anything other than Dryvit. PM me if you are a local contractor, or know of one, that handles a similar product.



I was a field service rep for Dryvit years ago. I have no ties to the company now. Dry-vit makes a good product. When I worked for them they really stood behind it. I worked on numerous projects and was always amazed by the transformation Dry-vit could provide.
There are numerous competitors out there, Synergy, Sto, just google “Exterior insulation and finish systems” and you’ll find all of them. Dry-vit was brought to this country from Germany after WWII by a Rhode Island brick distributor. There are tons of options with these products, you can really transform a plain looking building into something very nice for reasonable money.


Thanks for the information. Much appreciated.



Hi, I am currently in the synthetic stucco business. We primarily use the TEC brand, but have been contracted to use Synergy. If having never worked with Exterior Insulation and Finish Systems then you will not notice a difference in applying the actual product. However, if you have used Dry-vit or TEC then you will notice a difference, especially in the applying foam to wood product of Synergy - it is very soupy and chalky. It works but is different.

On average you’ll be looking at ~$7/sft from contractor, material can be had for ~$3/sft if that gives you an idea.

On another note - Dry-vit is probably the top of the line, but costs more (Call them Nike). TEC is tier one but call them Reebok. Although, we have had several Union guys who use Dry-vit comment to us that the TEC “mud” is much easier to work with. Not supporting one or the other, but all I know is what I am familiar with.

There are also brands such as:
Acrocrete (Synergy as well)
Premix Marbletite
Shield Industries
Color Guard
R Wall
Celotex Quick R
Stucco Sir
Densglass Gold
Pro Stucco


Thanks a ton for the list and for the expected price range. That is a big help. I hope others find this post and can use it!