Dryer problem

I have a rental where the previous tenant offered me their washer and dryer for free since the new house they bought came with a set. They looked to be OK, so I agreed.

My new tenant is complaining that they dryer doesn’t work.

Before he moved in, he asked if the washer/dryer was going to be with the unit. I told him that I didn’t know (at this time, the previous tenant offered them, but I hadn’t made a decision). He said that he had his own set if they weren’t, but was ‘just curious’.

Now, it appears that it is not working well. This is the first time he has used it. Am I obligated to fix this for him? Normally I would just do it, but this tenant has been nothing but a pain in the neck since he moved in. He complains about EVERYTHING. It’s driving me crazy.

I am going to ask him if he can use the ones he already has, but I’m sure that is not going to fly well. Maybe I should just fix it to minimize any future problems.

The joys of landlording… :slight_smile:

Thank you for your input.


First, you should have had a move in inspection report or clause that they have 3 days to report anything non-functioning or damaged. Second, you should have had a clause that appliances are loaned not leased.

Finally train your tenant. Offer to remove the old dryer so that they can use theirs. Even have it changed out for them. My guess is that it an electric dryer and the heating element is all that is bad(inexpensive to replace)

"Appliances or furniture in the unit at date of lease per the attached Exhibit “A”, are loaned, not leased to Tenant. Maintenance of appliances or furniture is the responsibility of Tenant who will keep them in good repair. "

Tenant agrees to accept said dwelling and all of the
furnishings and appliances therein as being in good and satisfactory condition unless a written statement of any objections is delivered to Landlord within three (3) days after resident takes possession. Tenant agrees that failure to file such statement shall be conclusive proof that there were no defects in the property. Tenant agrees not to permit any damage to the premises during the period of this agreement to woodwork, floors, walls, furnishings, fixtures, appliances, windows, screens, doors, lawns, landscaping, fences, plumbing, electrical, air conditioning and heating, and mechanical systems.


Nice addition to a Landlording policy there… I think I will use that in the future… I have done rehabs so far but hope to obtain my first rental this year… so thanks in advance :slight_smile:

Heather Zaal

Bud gave great advice. He’s experienced, and it shows…