Driving for properties

On Sunday, my partner and I went looking at potential houses. We found around 50 properties that were either abandoned, vacant, cosmetically distressed, and just plain junkers. We then went to the online appraiser’s website and found all the current owners and looked up their phone numbers. We also found that some of the current owners live out of state. My question is this: How do you approach these people? What is the preferred method (ie. Phone, mail?) Also, is there any sort of sample script or letter that I could go off of? I have searched the archives but have come up with not a whole lot. Please advise! Thanks in advance!

That is a great question. I was wondering what website did you use to look up the owners information? THANKS

What do I do when I get these ? I send a postcard, I give them a phonecall, then I followup with a postcard or letter every couple weeks until they sell or tell me to stop :slight_smile:

Hope this helps,
Heather Zaal