Driving for cash. What to look for

So I am going to give this a try. What do you guys look for?

What are YOU looking for? Are you looking for trashed vacants to assign to wholesalers? Are you looking for multis that are in need of some work to purchase, fix up and hold? Something else?

Well that is hard to answer. So far Vacant homes(hard to point out ), FSBO’S, Rental signs…
Past that, I was hoping for some tips what to look for or what a typical wholesaler looks for when he go’s out.

I look for houses with unkempt yards, ugly exterior or in disrepair and my favorite is junk in the drive way. The other thing I would emphatically recommend is go to your Local REI club meeting and ask the experienced wholesalers and landlords what they are looking for.

Here’s how I’ve done it: I drove by a house & saw overgrown grass or a broken/boarded window, or trash in the yard, newspapers, phone books in the driveway/porch, etc. I write down the address. Then I research online to see if the owner lives at a different address. If so, Bingo!

Everybody here is right high grass, look for stacks of newspapers and phonebooks, as well as overflowing mail boxes, boarded windows.

From my experience you would be better off focusing on networking with investors, realtors, and wholesalers, then driving around looking for old homes, driving can be profitable but I have found there are much eisier ways

I’ve found that if you find a condemned property, drive by & look at it. Then drive that neighborhood. You’ll usually find a few others that fit the bill of being vacant.