Driveby Leads

So, I tried today to go out and get some driveby leads for FSBO’s and FRBO’s today. I saw an incredible amount of For Sale signs but mostly through realtors. So I have a couple of questions:

  1. Are For Sale by Realtors considered a good lead if they have been seasoned? Or should I just Ignore them?
  2. Do you season (let sit in your file for a couple of weeks and then call the Owner back) or do you just submit the lead right away?
  3. Are there types of areas (Income Level areas) that contain more FS/RBO’s then others?

I assume you’re a bird dog.

1.No I wouldn’t mess with those. Most investors don’t like realtor sales.
2.I would send the lead ASAP. You might not be the only one that is interested in the property.The quicker you get the lead out the quicker the investor can put it under contract and close and you’ll collect your finders fee.
3.I’ve seen low income to lower middle class areas with a lot of FSBO’s but it just depends on your area. Some areas in the upper level can have a lot of FSBO’s but it depends on market conditions and such.

Double post

I think FSBO’s could turn out to be very lucrative opportunities. I called a FSBO in my neighborhood & it turned out to be a short-sale, b/c they couldn’t make the payments are were going into foreclosure.

Thanks for the input. I will definitely be putting the FSBO’s in front of investors right away then.