Drinking Kool-Aid - I finally get it!

People blasting me and others about the clubs we join coughNouveau Richecough. I happened to stumble across a website today while perusing cult tactic websites that led to Amway/Quixtar and here you have it → http://amquix.info/quixtar_kool-aid.html

An exert from the website: “Of course the grape Kool-Aid connotation comes from the Peoples Temple cult who committed mass suicide by drinking poison laced grape Kool-Aid.”

Now I get it! :beer


P.S. Do I get the honor of having this stickied or FAQ’d for future reference? :biggrin

Good deal, Dean…

The blind followings of the teachings of groups like this are what is referred to…whether it’s the People’s Temple, the FLDS, or NR. Think for yourself! It’s just better that way.