drawing up contracts

in a wholesale deal do you HAVE to get it reviewed by a lawyer? if so what kind of lawyer and how much is the fee?

It depends what you are trying to do. For a simple purchase, I wouldn’t say you “HAVE” to get it reviewed by a lawyer. There are plenty of guru’s who have contracts that you can use. Steve Cook (www.flippinghomes.com) has a contract you can get on his site.

ess, if you’re new to investing and you are not a lawyer, or at least a paralegal, it is highly recommended that you seek legal representation. if you are wholesaling and you want to just send out contracts - consider partnering or working closely with a realtor who’s familiar with investing - so that the contract protects you and doesn’t violate any local laws/regulations.

the fees will always vary from state to state and various locations.

you should really consider legal representation or at least pay a lawyer to review the contract(s) you plan to use.

In California, what contracts are needed to fully complete a wholesale deal from start to finish?