Dr. Al Lowery

I would like to get some info on Dr. Al Lowery? There are so many Educators out there. I know that the all have good info. Who is the best to follow.

Reading is one thing. BUT to following is another. Real estate is a VERY local market commodity. Location, Location, Location means different things for different types of propert. I would never rely on a author of a book (written by someone-say in CA) to following in my buying in—say IL.

My point—learn from you local markets, test the real estate “game” in your local market. Start out with something in you back yard. Get good comps within 6 blocks of subject property and drive by those comps. Do your homework in the local market. Talk to experienced realtors and local mortgage people for learning more. Tell them what you want to do. They may be much more helpful than a book or course.


This guy is great, I’ve gone to a few of his seminars, bought/read/listend to his tapes/books, he’s even a nice guy to know…highly recommended.

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