Doyou know how to report to credit agency

I am wondering if anyone knows how to report financial information to equifax, transunion and experian.

I am looking to create tradeline for a business where i will be acting as the bank but seem to be having problems finding info on the internet and i no one at the agency’s seem to be able to steer me to the right person…

any help be appreciated

Hi, whithin the next year or so I plan on getting one f my girfriends pre-qualed for a condo puchase but the only tradeline she has is her auto loan. What we did was request a letter of credit from the power co. and are going to contact equifax and have them post this to her bureau there is a $60.00 charge. Hope this is of some help. I know of some local paycheck advance/loan company’s that also report to the bureau maybe you can get somewhere there

Try using a credit reporting service that offers “Rapid Rescore”. You can immediately and electronically rescore the FICO from any bureau to boost their score. We use … their credit reports are inexpensive, easy-to-read, and reliable.


i will look into that company…would love to know a way where i can get a direct link to reporting it myself as if i was a credit card company or bank where i just input infom in a computer and it reports though

That may be illegal though to report yourself as the bank huh? It seems like there would be some conflict there though. Now having your utility company or a title loan place report activity seems okay. Just my 2 cents. But if this is the case and its okay I would like to know so that I can start on mines!! :slight_smile: