Down Payment Money

Does anybody know besides the regular down payment assistance programs for FHA and so on where you can obtain down payment money for subprime and conventional loans?

Do you have anything that you could secure a personal loan with? 401k, Paid off vehicle etc? Sometimes that will do it. What is the purchase price and where is your score at? Maybe you could still go fha with a non occupant co borrower and use a non profit organization to get your downpayment from. In our city we have a few of them. They are called Neighborhood Gold, Ameridream, etc.

Good Luck

Make sure, if you use one of these DPA programs, you check to see if they’ve been added to the HUD hit list. Many of these programs have been axed by HUD in the past 120 days… Other than that, FHA is great for certain situations. You can get seller contributions to cover closing costs AND the 3% required downpayment.

Your city should have a down payment assistance program. Google. Try CAlhfa- California. Where are you?