down market?

With a housing market with full of foreclosures how is wholesaling still profitable?

It’s just harder to find the deals. Here’s a tip. Look for the foreclosures where the loan was made at least a 4-5 years ago and recently when into foreclosure. Newer loans probably have no equity to make the deal worth your time unless you can get a short sale. My opinion is that the bank is more likely to keep the homeowner in the house and renegotiate the debt rather than take a loss on short sale or take the property back and try to sell it through an agent.

I look for loans a few years back as well. Unfortunately, a lot of these folks refinanced and stripped their equity for cash or lines of credit during the boom

The key in a market full of foreclosures is the same as in a great market, find homes for less money than what other homes in the area are selling for. Have your buyers lined up ahead of time. and get paid.

Our market is loaded to the hilt with foreclosures and I am still making money, I just find deals that are better than what the market is offering.

the key here would be to finding the better deals…