Down at the courthouse...

Down at the courthouse…

I met another newbie investor today, and he pointed out that some of the foreclosure notices didn’t have property addresses on them. When he left, I looked closer (although the parking meter was running and I didn’t have enough time or patience as I should have) and it looked like maybe the ones without property addresses were manufactured homes?

Could this be? Or is it just that some lenders will post the property and the parcel, while others will only list the parcel?

  • Adam.


Here we run into it all the time. The lender’s attorney will only list the legal description of the property. Most have the full address, some don’t. You have to work for those. LOL

And no, it doesn’t mean that they are modular homes. It just means they are lazy attorneys. I say this because it is usually the same attorneys who leave off the physical address time after time.

The people who do the processes are just following their normal policies and procedures. For instance, if you pay attention, you’ll see it’s the same every month. The notices done by Barrett, Burke, et al always include the physical address. There’s a few other attorneys who do as well and then there’s some attorney offices who only include the legal. It’s not representative of the property type, just their normal procedures.

I have contacted physical addresses listed in the past and discovered errors. The legal description rules.