Doublewide Rehab

Hi Mike,
This post has nothing to do with the 50% Rule, That’s why I changed the header.
You mentioned that you are doing a DW on an acre.
My niche market is mobile homes. I sell some on a note and others I hold and rent.
I have been purchasing and rehabbing mobiles with my own cash, but i will run out of money to fund future purchases and rehabs pretty soon.
My question to you is how do you fund most of your deals?
All of my deals so far have been mobiles in parks, so financing with a bank is not really an option, in my area banks don’t want to finance older mobile homes.
I’m about to run into a funding brick wall in my business. The cash flow from my existing notes and rentals support me, but there is nothing left to fund more deals.
:banghead I’m hoping you can share some insight.
Thank You
Steve Enlow
Goldfield Properties LLC


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