double escrow company

I am getting ready to close my first short sale. I got a counter offer and I king like it, but before I accep the offer I want to lay out my plan the only problem is I just can find any escrow comp. to do my double closing. can some one direct me on the right direction ? thank you :help

  1. Get on the phone and call a local REALTOR to find out if there are some SS knowledgeable REALTORS in the area whom you could talk to. Tell the person you’re trying to find either a savvy attorney or settlement agents who like closing short sales.

  2. Check out this website ( for listings of local REIA’s. Find a group near you. Join that group, then ask other investor’s there who in the group is working SS’s. Then offer to take that person to lunch because you want to learn the ropes but not the hard way, and ask them this question.

  3. Just pick up the phone and call your local title companies. Ask them if they will provide services for simultaneous, quick closing transactions. Stop calling once you find the company that will.

I had the same question. Thanks Obiwan. That was informative and very very helpful.

I work with a couple of title companies here in Florida that work in several other states.