Double closings

Is it possible to do a double closing when you are purchasing a listed property? My realtor says no, but I don’t believe her. It seems like I could just put the property under contract and, if I decide I don’t want to rehab it, perform a double closing where I sell it for a little bit more than I bought it for. Can I only do a double closing when I buy directly from a seller, or can I still do it when I buy from a realtor?

Howdy Drew:

Yes you can do double closings with Realtors involved. They do not even need to know. You could even use a different title agent within the same company at another location. A lot of agents are friends with the closing agent that they get the seller to use. You do not have to do all this but it could help. I do not know why the agent would tell you that you can not resell the property. Talk to her Broker or manager if you need to or the Board of Realtors office if necessary.

I want to see that number at the bottom of the post to deals done 50 or so. Good luck with it.

As would I Ted…as would I. I’ll get there. It’s getting to number 1 that seems to be the hard part.