double closings - need a title company in the Houston area

Where can I find a good title company that does investor double closings and is located in the Houston TX area?

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Best thing to do is to call Title Co. near you first. Spend an hour or so interviewing them and asking them specific question. Different Title Co. have different understanding of what a double closing is. I’ve had some
say that a double closing means they close both deals on the same day but that the first buyer/flipper, still has to do a “hard close” BTW…There are private lenders who will provide the funds if you do have to close hard and their fees are very reasonable. They look at the deal, not at you… However, I assume that you are looking to close with the end buyer’s funds… Right? If you can’t find a local attorney or Title Co. that understands what you are trying to do, I know of 2 national companies that will close almost anywhere. There are a couple of states that they stay away from but I don’t think one of them is Texas. In any case… Try to find one locally first. They will be a great future resource and you can count them as part of your team so you can start doing all sorts of interesting JV partnering in promoting for new business… Good Luck