Double Closings.....Is any one doing them? BEST way to make money in this market

Is anyone successfully doing double closings? Post some feedback…

The only people I know in this market that are making REAL money, $150k+, are those that are doing double closings.

I’ve stepped away from Real Estate for about a year, every since I bought my first home and just got busy with work and life. Now, the hunger is setting back in. Even $100k/yr at corporate won’t compare to the returns that could be made doing short sale double closings. I’m looking to get back into it, and want to know if anyone else has feedback on their experience doing these closings.

Double closings is also one of the only ways to make money with NO MONEY!!

All the time

I completed one earlier this year and Im working on another. Getting everyone on the same page is the biggest obstacle, so I would suggest make sure you brief your team. Of course, disclose, disclose, disclose. These deals can blow up in an instant. Its worth it.