Double assigning a property

I am looking to double assign a property that I looked at recently.

The guy bought at auction and is waiting to close, he thinks he is in over his head. He wants to assign to me for 19k, and I still have room for 20k additional fee and want to assign it to my end buyer.

How do I lay this out paperwork wise?
Just two seperate assignments? One stating a 19k fee? The other stating 20k fee? Im just worried about it all being laid out clear for my end buyer getting hard money etc so there are no hold ups.

What do I need to do here?

to my knowledge that is about all you may need. The two assignment contracts should be it. I’d wait for another answer from someone who has been involved in that situation though.

How much is the place worth? that’s a high assignment fee for someone who thinks they’re in over their head. Herbster