Door knocking

What have some of your experiences been with this? I spoken with some local investors who say that door knocking is simply the best way to market. In fact I met a real estate agent about a month ago who was door knocking on my street. He stated that to be successful in this business you got to get out and “prospect.”
I tried it about a year ago and could only bring myself to knock on one door. It was a strange feeling.

Knocking on doors can be a very lucrative way of earning an income for yourselve. I have buddies who do nothing but knock on doors for pre-foreclosures. They do not do mail outs or even call. They feel that knocking is the best way to go. They buy on average 12 homes a month, so I guess what ever it is they are doing it is working. One suggestion though that has worked for them to cut down on knocking time, is to get some bird dogs to do the knocking for you. If you do foreclosures you can narrow down your list to the homes that you are most interested in and that will make you the most amount of money. Then distribute the list to your bird dogs who would then be their responsiblity to make contact with owners. Have the bird dogs arrange a meeting for you to meet with the owner facing foreclosure to inspect the property and so forth. If the birddogs set up a meeting you give them $50.00 per meeting set up and $1000. to $3000 per deal that is closed on. This has worked very well for them. Also if your hesitant or afraid to knock on doors yourself this gives you a way to still conduct business without the fear. And it makes you look like you are busy and that sets you up going into negotiations with the upper hand showing the foreclosure owner that you have options other than their property. If you have any other questions just send me a message

The people that are in trouble or preforclosure so that you may door knock?

Door knocking is a terrific method of separating yourself. I do mailings then follow up with people doorknocking.

Have you ever been in a home of someone in preforclosure? Ever see the amount of postcards, flyers, letters, etc from investors they receive? Separate yourself, do some door knocking.

Dan Doran has a decent doorknocking course.

You could hire someone to knock for $10 an hour plus a few hundred per deal. If the weather’s good door knocking is a good way to test your character and improve people skills.

Has anyone tried door knocking nice home in nice areas for sub2 purchases?

If you are going to do some door knocking just avoid wearing a fancy suit. You’ll end up looking like the tax man which is the last person they would want to see :slight_smile:

Just some quick advice.

The fancy suit will also make you look like you’re getting rich off their misfortune. May be true but why advertise it? You want to come off as a respectable and honest businessman, someone who knows what he/she is doing and understands what they are going through. Armani suits definitely don’t relay that point.

I agree Rich. I brought that point up because I know someone who used to do that. So I thought I would put that out there in case someone else was trying that.

How do you break the ice when you do door knock…What should you say first to break the ice when talking to a owner…Should I say, I understand you are in trouble with the bank and wanted to know if I can help…

If I could piggy back on this question.

I’m eyeing a property for myself but the owner hasn’t responded to my 2 vm nor my polite, not-at-all-pushy letter expressing my interest. I was going to visit him this weekend (about 2 hour drive, though). I know I want to dress the part because he moved from Twin Cities, MN area to small town MN. I also know that he and his wife recently divorced and their last child just graduation HS. (got this from property neighbor). Sounds like they took our large equity then split.

What are some good “Get in the door” lines?