Door Knocking

Anyone have scripts on what to say to people in pre-foreclosure/foreclosure when knocking on their doors??? Nothing I am doing seems to be working. Maybe my mistake is telling them that I am an investor???



I have had the most success just saying: “I’m with a group that helps people understand their options when facing foreclosure, and what we do is we contact these homeowners to find out if anyone has explained all of the options to them to fix the situation…has anyone explained all of your options to you. If not, I would love to explain them to you.” If they agree, try to sit down with them immediately, wherever they want you to, and explain to them the foreclosure process and all of their options…then guide them toward the BEST solution.

Notice…I said nothing about “buying their home” or “investor”…you have to get their confidence first!

Good Luck,


I agree with you. Very good approach


Thanks for your response. That makes perfect sense. I will use that approach from here on out.


Good Job Marcoz.

Where can I go to learn what options are available for a homeowner in foreclosure so I can get comfortable explaining them to a HO?

Do a google Loss Mitigation and some of these sites have all the options available for homeowner.