Door knocking

When is the best time to go door knocking & why?

Monday- thru -Friday, mornings or evenings or both?
Saturday and/or Sunday, " " " " ?

Please help me out here. Thanks in advance.


I am learning the ropes. The system I am following states that you should catch them at home at dinner time. Weekends are great. If I am wrong, feel free to correct me.

I was once told that the best time to go is sunday evenings around 7pm. this is when you are likely to catch most people at home.

my last experience was sat afternoon and was able to catch people home (all of homes i visited as a matter of fact)

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Question for ryanpal, you said that all of the ones
you visited that day was home, was that 2 or 10 or 20 homes?


it was three.


Although I dont go around knocking on doors anymore…I’ve gone, in the past, on the weekends aswell…a few hrs b4 dinner time…(dont want to be rude ;D)…I actually got 9 deals out of 20 houses (batting at almost 50%) in 2 months.


Since you dont knock on doors anymore, tell me why?
Also, what is working for you now days?


I’m feeling like I’m being interrogated…lol Well the reason why I dont go knocking doors anymore is I made the transition from residential to commerical RE now…I feel that Comm. offers much more of challenges/risks/fun not to mention more its much more lucrative.
–I got few pending and active projects so I guess thats what works for me now.–

Tony seems to be rather popular name we have like 3-4 already …more power to Tonys

Hey guys,
Just reading up on some of the responses on door knocking. I’m a new investor…I’ve done one deal so far and am thinking about door knocking in my area. My question is…what is the best way to begin the conversation when they answer the door, and how do you go about letting them know what you’re doing there without getting them upset? Is door knocking really worth it? (Loaded question…just looking for a little reassurance!)
Thanks for the info
Tommy D

Hi, the system I am following states dont mention anything about foreclosues to homeowner. THey tend to slam the door in your face. I am going to try it this weekend. The first sentence I am going to say, you can try it and report back. ’ Hi my name is steev and I am buying houses in your area. Is yourhouse for sale’. The homeowner will know why you are really there for. Buit you are trying to build rapport with them and be delicate how you approach them. I will also report back how this works. Not being in sales, should be an interesting experience.

Here’s a good line to introduce yourself with: “Hello, my name is Bruce, and I would like to offer my company’s help and services regarding your home in foreclosure.”

The ABSOLUTE most important thing is that you’re very sincere. These people’s lives are turning upside down. Also, pause before you say “foreclosure”, and drop your voice in both volume and tone. Remember… sincerity is key.

Before you even get into your “pitch”, make sure you’re talking to the person who’s name is on the suit.

When they say it’s been taken care of, ask them: “Well dang, the attorney at the bank told me today that it’s still in foreclosure… what did you do to take care of it?”

They will likely say “I sent $ to someone” or something like that. Then, you say “I must be uninformed, who did you send it to and what were they going to do about it?” They are likely to “break” at this point and tell you the truth. If not, use a technique called “association”. You’re trying to get them involved by talking about others… it lets them stay in denial a few minutes longer. Tell them how you help other people in their situation, don’t tell them you want to do things for them, act like you’re simply filling them in on what you do for others. You want to get them interested and hope they fess up.

Whether they tell you the truth at this point or they don’t, say something like, “FYI, what we do for people is try and either get the bank to forgive some of their payments and let them start over with nothing due, or I go to another bank and get them a new loan… (giggle a little here) sometimes the payments even go down! In a lot of the cases they’re tired of the whole thing so we just buy their house from them and they just get on with their life without all of the headaches. It saves their credit as well.”

At this point they’ll either tell you the truth or not. If they start asking about the other things, (and they likely will!) get all of their information… how much is owed, the name of the bank, account numbers… how far behind, if they have a source of income, etc… Especially find out how much money they can come up with NOW if you can get the bank to work with them. For now, forget about buying the house.

Pretend you know what you’re talking about, lol. If they’re interested, tell them your fee if you can get the bank to forgive the late payments and start them over is $485. (or whatever!) Tell them they only pay if you get the bank to deal. If the bank’s willing to do it, you make $485. Now, call the bank and ask them to restructure the loan or do a forebearance. The bank will likely say no, if they say yes you made $. If they say no, you tell them the news, but since you were so nice and didn’ t try and take the house (like everyone else that calls or visits!) you’ll be the 1st in line when they DO sell.

If they want to try and get a new loan, tell them you’ll have a broker call them and try. Ask the broker for a referral fee if they get a loan there. Again, they likely won’t qualify… but guess who they now trust?

Once you get them to fess up, most will discuss selling right then and there… 1st shot. The rest take a little time, but will work with you when the auction draws nearer because you’re treated them right.

Also, when you go to a house and nobody’s home, use the “yellow letter”. On a yellow legal pad hand-write: Sorry I missed you, I’d like to have you contact me in regards to your home and case # XXXXXXXXX. I don’t work for the bank or the attorney, I help homeowners take care of this problem.

This doesn’t work “every time”, but it works as good as anything else. I like it because it shows sincerity and that I want to help them, not just buy the house. So many investors just blurt out “I buy houses”… 8)

Here's a good line to introduce yourself with: "Hello, my name is Bruce, and I would like to offer my company's help and services regarding [b]your home in foreclosure[/b]."

bruce that seems good in most part. But why rub it in ‘your home in foreclosure.’ , I think it might be wiser to say. "Hello, my name is Bruce, and I would like to offer my help and services regarding [b]your home.

IndyBruce, are you Znick from dealmakerscafe forums?

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