Door Knocking/Sample Letters

A couple of the investors I have begun to work with have asked me about door knocking and sending out letters to homeowners who may potentially may want to sell there property in these hot and upcoming areas in Philly. I am new to working with investors and they have seemed to find me, therefore I am guessing that this is possibly a sign that I may need to consider making this my niche.

Does anyone have any suggestions on this “door knocking” or sample letter or postcards to post on doors?

It sounds like you’re being asked to bird dog for the investors. Don’t they have any material for you to hand out? What you would be doing is the hardest part of finding a deal. Make sure you are well paid for your efforts.

If youre sending out letters…I dont think you will be able to make mone as a bird dog. YOu might spend all of that 500 bucks on marketing to get them, unless they have a very targeted list.

Maybe try wholesaling instead. I bet if they are investors they would go for it.