Door knockin' results

Just out of curiousity to people who have been successful in acquiring property through door knockin’ (pre-foreclosures) - How many doors, on average, did you go to, before you came to someone who ended up selling their home to you? Looking for a ratio here (doors/to success)

A waste of time. You can get shot! There are better ways. You will see movement, but they will not open door, due to possible sheriff at door to evict.

I have a couple of good friends that do it and they say that it can go either way. One guy acutally went nuts while others just invite them in and listen to what they have to say. They are closing more deals than I am so I am assuming it works well for them. I think it has a lot to do with your personallity. I think if you are one of those people that is real “likable” anyway then you are going to do well. But I guess if you go up to the door and act like a jerk, well then you won’t do as well and they may not invite you in. I have never had the guts to knock on the door…in fact I duck if they see me looking at the house. 8)