Door hangers- Cheap sources?

Can anyone tell me where they are getting their door hangers and at what price? Need to find a cheap place to print up 10k or so.

For that quantity, you could get them at $0.09/piece from, I ordered 20k from them before, great quality.

I assume with these places I can design and submit my own ad design copy?

Going to try and workout a deal with a friend that owns a pizza place and share a door hanger with him.

yes, this one allows you to submit your own art work

If you are just doing a small lot, I made my own for 10 cents each and it could have been 1 penny each if I used the photo-copier at work :biggrin

do your ad copy in a two-column table in Word, have mass photocopied on bright color 65LB stock paper. u get two per page once the copy joint charges you only ~$4 to slice all the pages in two making two hangers per page.

Go to arts and crafts store and buy a 1 1/4" “jumbo” hole punch. Whammo put a hole in the top and use scissors to make the slit

Done deal. Plus you can create however much or little u need. Mine came out great!

I’d be looking for 5-10k so the DIY ones wouldn’t be cost effective.

Could have been a penny if you used the copier at work, njss??..Laughed out loud when I read that…Makes me sorry sometimes that I quit my corporate job (not really), since I used to get lots of free copies of leases, etc. that I needed…

the only thing a corporate job is good for - free office supplies :smile

I just got a call tonight from a prospect who said she got my flyer a while back. I never put flyers up, so I was little confused but I went along… what the heck, a deal is a deal. After I got home and looked up the house, it is in the area I distributed my door hangers in June of last year!

I am not saying it is the best marketing I have done, but it was nice to see a response this late.

That’s amazing. :cool

So what’s the deal fadi, was the house abandoned or something until recently :biglaugh?

No not at all, the owner just got transferred, so she had to move. She was laughing when I mentioned how long she held on to my doorhanger.