Don't miss the 100%++ GAIN with this stock .... PART 2

So SPNG has taken a few hits. Penny stocks are very volatile, but the fundamentals of this company are EXCELLENT.

It dropped back down from 22cents to about 10cents right now. But if you read the causes of this drop, you’ll see it’s minor things that haven’t affected the company’s potential.

KEEP AN EYE ON THIS STOCK. I am telling you guys, it’s a WINNER. You can EASILY double your money in the near future b/c this company is severely undervalued.

It’s expected to drop further after the reverse split this tuesday. SO BUY UP SOME SHARES. YOUR MONEY WILL DOUBLE, TRIPLE, MAYBE MORE.

Fundamentals are there. I’m in this stock BIG, and I’m going in even bigger this week.

Good luck, and post if you’ve decided to buy up some shares.

This is as close to handing out money as we can get!

i typed in spng and they had no results for that ticket only spnge.ob, is it the same one your talking about? What makes this so great besides your excitement that it might be a bargain?

Volume on penny stocks can be pretty low sometimes so coming on a board and pumping the stock to get more buyers can move the price. Would this be the motivation?

Yea sure, if you think 100++ million / daily is low volume. Or if you think a real estate forum will drive up the volume significantly.

I’m posting it cause I kind of “know” some of the posters on this site…
FDJAKE had posted up some great stock picks that I didn’t jump on cause I was too new with stocks. I WANT more people to post GREAT TIPS TO MAKE MONEY. If you wanna be greedy, then u should go away.

Now I found a diamond in the rough, take it if you want or leave it… don’t matta to me.

type in SPNGE… they’re currently delisted until they re-audit their past 2 years of earnings. No biggie, research it yourself.

If you’ve seen my posts, you should know I share information freely…

Anyhow - why is the recent volume about double the 3 mo avg volume?
Is there anything else about to happen to the company besides the reverse stock split?
How did you find out about this company? Was it a news release or a service you subscribe to?
Like Victor was asking, what caught your eye with this company?

NJbirdog. If the fundamentals are EXCELLENT, then perhaps you can give SPECIFIC examples that suuport that claim. These examples should be verifiable. But I’s be weary of a stock that had more than a 50% drop in pps. Also, when I type in spng, it doesnt even show up.

It has changed to SPNG.OB or at least that is what it says when I search for it in google.

"Hi....Billy Mays here"


I say it is severely overvalued. They don’t even know how much money they have made. Its CPA firm had to resign because it had its license revoked. Do you have any idea how bad you have to be to get your CPA license revoked? They don’t do that because you transcribed a few numbers. They don’t even do that if you overlook big problems. You have to be proven to not be worthy of walking this earth along worthy humans to get your CPA license revoked.

This means that every statement the company makes has to be assumed to be untrue. That said this company is worth whatever you can get for the desks and chairs (assuming they actually own them)

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A class action lawsuit was filed against this company.

This company’s been giving me a heart attack!

Lots of crazy things happening with it. The SEC actually banned trading for the past 10 days, it was just lifted today. Tonight is also the deadline for this company to release their 10k.

This means that Monday is D-day. This company will either make me or break me.

You brought this thread back to life at the perfect time. Anyone interested should monitor this stock MONDAY MORNING. It dropped as low as 6 cents with all the negative news surrounding the company, but the fundamentals are still in place and it looks like people have been selling based on emotions.

If Monday goes well, then I would expect this stock to jump back up to 20 cents by the end of the week. At least I hope it does!

How many shares do you own?

About 110k… let’s just say I bought high relative to it’s current price, but not in comparison to where I expect it to be in the future

Can you tell me more about the fundamentals? After reading the news regarding alleged security fraud, I’d be surprised to see this company still in business in a year.