Done with step#1, how do i find houses now

Say i have 4-5 buyers that gave me there complete buyers profile, how do i go about finding exactly the houses they are looking for?

How did you find your buyers?

really easy, just go to or and post an Ad stating
title: Looking for buyers to purchase homes at 50-70% of true value

"Are you wanting to buy homes for 50-70% discounted pricing but dont have time to go out and look for them?

Im looking for Real Estate Investors looking to buy discounted houses that fit there exact buying profile to email me for more information!! "

i got around 4-5 buyers in less then a week
dnt copy the ad word for word tho please

Ah too late!
I did something similar but I got no bites.
Maybe I should repost it differently.

Maybe don’t do it differently… just do it much more often. The key with craigslist and backpage is to post in volume.

All the best,

I think it would be a waste of time trying to cherry pick your search for a house, when you are out looking for deals. If you come across a good deal, why not just look through your list of buyers to see what buyer is more compatible to the deal you have under contract and then go from there?

You can take the buyer’s profiles you have collected and buy a mailing list of 2000 houses that match what area they are looking to purchase, size of houses, number of bed and baths, and so on. Try to focus on sending postcards to houses that are free and clear or have large equities. This way you are targeting only the ones that they want to buy

Don’t think it’s going to be easy starting out to find some deals for your buyers. Now that you have a list to work with, you need to start contacting as many sellers as you can find. Call all the ads in your newspaper that fit your buyers profile, call every ad on craigslist, place your own ad on craigslist or newspaper, drive the neighborhoods they are looking to buy in, and the list goes on.

The first steps you will work hard for every dollar you earn, but to get good at you need to find the easiest leads and keep building your buyers list. If you need more tips on how to develop leads don’t hestitate to ask.


I would adjust your ad some. In the states I do business in you have just given the dept of real estate cause to charge you for unlicensed activities, unless you do have an active license… Remember to position yourself as a principle in the deal, verbally and written.

Well I cant tell you how to find the houses they are looking for because you didnt state the exact house they want, but I can show you how to get leads.

You can get lead from “List Broker” Here are some recommendation:

  • Sale Team Live- I recommend, They Automate everything for you!
    Melissa Data
    ALC Lists
    All About Lists
    Accurate Leads
    Century List Services
    Expired Hotsheet
    First American Corporation
    FSBO Hotsheet
    Intec Wholesale Lists
    Mailing Lists Direct
    Martin Worldwide
    Prospects Influential, Inc.
    REO Hotsheet
    Sales Genie
    US Data Corporation
    Universal Print & Mail Inc

What kind of list do they have?

  • 60/90 Day Late


Property Tax Delinquent

Bankruptcy (Aged Filings)

Bankruptcy (Recently Dismissed)

Free and Clear

Out of Area

Expired Listings

Geographic Marketing

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) with Equity

Adjustable Rate Mortgages (ARM) with No Equity

Wholesale Properties

Multi-Family Properties with Equity

In-House Follow Up Marketing

Retail Buyers

Tenant Buyers

The “Catch All” Campaign




You can either call this people or send them mailing campains, then quialify them to see if they meet your buyers criteria. :beer

We started out with placing signs all around town. “We buy houses” with our phone number. With in about a week we started getting calls from sellers of all types and for all reasons to sell their house. We do our due dillagence on the property and negotiate a price with them from there. They agree to it, we put it under contract and market the house. Then we will call and email everyone on our buyers list.