Donald Trump

Some great interview clips here:


re: Trump on economics

cnbc interview from this morning…probably a little too political for here…took down hyperlink.

'nuff said…


He has my vote.

a lot of people scoff at him…and how he has accomplished what he has done.

I’ve read his books…especially his early work.

he’s a hard worker…but more importantly…a big thinker.


Im a bit split on him.

Romney =sure as hell WONT get my vote. Ill vote for Obama over him, im not rewarding Republicans with my vote if they elect him.
Guiliani =sure as HELL WOULDNT get my vote. Ill vote for Obama over him, im not rewarding Republicans with my vote if they elect him.
Huckabee= has a decent chance to get my vote. I think hes too “nice and passive” against the BIG GOV opposition. Not a bad guy though.
Palin= probably wont get my vote. Earlier on I would have said yes, but lately shes becoming corney and I dont think she would fight the opposition enough.
Michelle Bachman = probably not…
Gingrich= would get my vote more than likely when it came down to Obama. Gingrich is a better prospect than most.

Trump= still undecided. He hasnt explained himself on ALOT of issues. Does he want to get rid of income tax/social security/medicaid/medicare/entitlement programs? If not… does he want to phase them out or what?! IF he doesnt, he just wants our country to continue going bankrupt. He diss’ed Ron Paul has the CPAC convention too, which is a big disapointment too me. Before this, I would have been more eager to support him.

Ron Paul = obviously the best choice. A champion of the Constitution, and limited Government, just like the Founders wanted. I will probably end up writing him in for my vote.

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He hasn't explained himself

you don’t do that in business…

from one of our top negotiators here:

Cover that subject AFTER they sign the agreement but BEFORE you hand them the check.

that was classic fdjake…

shrewdness has it’s virtue…especially when the world’s resources are becoming tight.

picks up at 00:00…really…not kidding:

I agree and we need more big thinkers like him!

I have seen him in public speaking engagements - he has charisma and great ideas, but he is also personable.