donald trump

He’s coming to my area, I saw him on tv promoting a free seminar. I know that he will offer a product of some sort. Has anyone been to one these Trump seminars in their area. If so is it worth my time as a beginner or is it better to just keep buying books and trying to network? ???

Go to the FREE seminar get your juices flowing. I liked it.

They then sell a Wealth Building Weekend for $1500. I bought it and went and thought it was wasted time to a large degree.

Like many of the other seminars out there. The seminars themselves are a business. What do they do while in that seminar? Promote the next seminar.

I do, however, see a lot of value in certain types of these things for beginners. This particular seminar provided a lot of general information. Much of which can be found in books. They do offer 6 months of calls to a ‘hotline’ for follow up questions. I have gotten some value there. $1500 worth, no.

If you do go to the FREE one, I recommend making friends with someone that signs up. Get feedback from them. You can always go to the next one if they feel differently than I.

Good luck!

The best mentor you can find is a good realestate agent. I got lucky when i met mine. He’s taught a lot to me about financing using lines of credit, and has found good deals for me. I believe its important to work with a realtor that invests in realestate. btw, I did’nt have to pay for his advice. :wink:

its probably overpriced and you can get the same knowledge for a lot less by reading the books in your library.