Dollar Bill Advertising Cards

Hi all,

Does anybody know of the website for business cards that look like a spread of $100.00 bills?


You can get them at

You can also google “Drop Cards”.

I did it for you, just click the link below and browse between prices:

it’s a disappointing gimmick. dont waste money on them

I have done this, but I made my own on normal paper, then folded them (it looks more real than on the heavy cardstock paper) I used Word and fit about 5 on each sheet of paper, then used a paper cutter. I got a pretty good response, nothing crazy but at least it was a funny icebreaker :bobble

i’ll go with gimmick

it’s similar to navigating to google putting in a search for investing and being taken to a site which sells tires

It depends on how you are using them.

Using them instead of business cards is not really effective since they won’t last due to the type of paper. Not thick as a business card.

Now if you attached it to the top of a letter and talk about how they can get real bills like this if they call the number on the back of this bill, then it could be effective.

It is just eye catching thing, you need to use it as a hook not as a business card.