doing title searches yourself

What is have gathered is that you just go to your local courthouse, and ask the clerk for the records of the property you want to check.
With the name of the forcloser or the propteries address.

But do they really only let you do one title search. Im not sure if its just one a day? or what.

Does any one know of a way to do bulk title searches. Im planning on doing a lot of title searches. Im trying to do it for free( I don’t mine the work), but if any one knows of a cheap way ill take that too. Im not trying to pay $150 every title search i do.

Depending where you are, you should be able to do them yourself for free and only pay for copies of the information. $150 title searches are if you have a company do it for you. Set aside a day to get them all done.

I can run title searches from my couch…Free…

Does your county have access to records online?

im not sure im trying to do searches in texas San antonio and laredo Texas

Hey Stark,

Save yourself some work and do a title search only after you have tied up the property. San Antonio will probably be pretty competitive, so you don’t want to waste your time performing searches on properties you aren’t buying.

Get the info, contact the seller, get a contract signed, then do a title search.


well the reason i want to do title searches to see how much the property owns so i can determine how much profit i can make or to see if i should stay away from the proterty. Im trying to buy properties at a auction.

Can anyone provide links/websites as to where or how free title searches can be found?

Have you tried this site?

That is a good site which combines the important, relevant real estate information, however it appears not to be free???

i heard that you should go to the county records at the court house or city hall.

Search your county website. Some offer detailed information and some are still trying to catch up with this “internet” thing.

Within time, everything will be onling. Fortunately, I can analyze an ant hill from my couch.

I am in San Antonio, TX as well. We have access to the public records and you can practically do title search online, but not sure it is worth the time and effort.

I simply ask the seller how much he owes on the house and they always tell me. I never had a problem. I have a seller right now trying to find his loan balance so I can decide if I want to buy his house or not.

Another good service is FastWeb from First American. It is a pay site, but if you go to the owner of the site pays for the serice and makes it available for everyone. FastWeb gives the loan balance most of the time, but don’t always rely on it.

Most reputable mortgage servicing companies print the loan balance on the monthly statement…shouldn’t be all that hard to find!