Doing Subject to transactions

I am in Florida. When doing a “subject 2” deal in Florida, do you use the standard FARBAR real estate contract? If so, which box in the financing section are you supposed to check off?


Is a "Subject Too" or "Wrap" as there known legal in Florida? Last time I checked only about 50% of US states make it legal to take over Subject too or Wrap an existing property and mortgage loans!

Since I have not done any residential property investments in Florida in years I don’t specifically know the answer but you might want to check with a escrow / title company to see whether it is legal to do in Florida?


Yes its legal to buy sub-to in Florida and the FARBAR even has a section to check buying this way. I don’t have a contract infront of me but the section is pretty clear on it.

:biggrin Is it legal in Oregon state ? What forms should be used in Oregon ? How would you place adds to find sellers ?