Does this sound farfetched??

Hello i am new to real estate investing so please i know this may sound easy but i really want to know if i could just buy a property without renting it out and waiting for someone who is interested in buying it for the full selling price is this possible and is there any other way of selling the home quickly plus getting the full asking price? Thanks in advance

Well, once you buy the property it is yours to do with it whatever you please. It also depends on what kind of property it is. Some commercial lenders will only really take rent roll into consideration. Other will go by the individual’s financial situation. Basically if you have the resources to get the deal done you will eventually find a lender to do your deal. Give me a call if you have any questions.

I know that in NYc a lot of investors who buy residential properties prefer for it to be vacant so they can put in new tenants who will pay the market rate.

I would strongly recommend that you study and do your research first. It is important that you have a plan. In order to buy a property, then re-sell it, you have to know how to buy a property at less than full value, how to market it for sale, etc. When you purchase a property, you should always have an exit strategy first. Too bad Bush didn’t learn that.