Does this approach make sence?

Hi all, first post and new to this world of what looks like what I’ve been looking for for 12 years.

I’m diving in head first. Here’s my plan, can I please have your expert opinion on my strategy.

I am ready to sign up for Joe Crumps push button method, then if necessary apply what I paid to the pricey 6 month mentor program.
Then, I believe from what I’be been seeing here, I can use this to continue my education, success, and help others.

Is it a waste of time, money or should I learn the hard way. I just quit a 6 figure job and have been working on how to get my foot in the door for months. I’m ready now, I respect almost all that I read here and would like the pro’s opinion. Maybe it just dosn’t hurt, maybe it’s a total waste, that’s what i’de like to know.

Thanks in advance,
Joe Foster

I’m not a fan of paying a lot for a REI education. Find people in your area doing what you want to do. Ask them questions. Ask questions on here. Grab a few books related to the area of REI that interests you. You can throw your business ideas into a post here and get some constructive criticism.

For the life of me I con not figure out why anyone would pay a lot of money for a no money down course. It just does not make sense. If you feel you need a mentor then you are not ready to invest in real estate.

There are three ways to make a lot money in this world.

  1. Know something that very few others know and exploit that knowledge
  2. Have a lot of something that no one else has for sale
  3. Work harder than everyone else.

I choose all three with real estate.
I know my market better than anyone else. I use that knowledge to find real bargains so that I have a lot of houses for sale and rent. I work hard at knowing my market and working my exit strategy.

Yes dive in and know your market so you know what a bargain price is. and when you see it buy it. I would start small so that you can survive your mistakes. With or without a mentor program you will make mistakes, things will happen that cannot be foreseen.
Remember that the higher the knowledge the lower the risks are but not eliminated.