does the seller see how much i'm making when assigning a contract?

i’d like to know if the seller (who is going into foreclosure) will see how much money i’m making when i assign a contract? if they can, how would you handle a situation where you’re telling these people you help them throughout the process…and then they see you’re making $5k or more on the deal by selling the deal to another investor. i can see the sellers feeling disgruntled.

They will see your assignment fee on the HUD-1 and know exactly how much you are making.

I always tell the seller that when I assign a contract it is part of my doing business. If they can find someone who wants to buy the property for more, fine, they can have the deal.

I do not disclose my buyer until we are at the settlement table because I do not want those two to do the deal without me. I also disclose to both the seller and my buyer how much my fee is right up front and have never had a problem. 8)

it seems you have a set fee? if not, how do you tell the seller, whom you’ve been helping all along, yes my fee for finding a buyer is $5k, $10k, other? i was under the impression that the way the transactions worked was that you make the deal with the seller, then sell it to the buyer (investor). although what i just described sounds like a double closing.

i’m just trying to develop my game plan and way in which i do business. i don’t want to come off like a bad guy i’m im getting a nice chunk of money when assigning the contract. i just get the feeling most will feel they were not being helped but actaully cheated out of their home. i know this is not the case, but i can see this happening very easily.

If you have the clause in the contract saying that the buyer_______(name) will purchase the property and or nominee will be able to purchase the property for a set fee then what more can they say if they sign it?


thanks for your reply…however i’m don’t quite understand what you’ve written ::slight_smile:

Basically what Im saying is that If you find a seller that reads something about assigning a contract or something in that nature, and they sign it then why would they complain about the fee?


If you have a seller going into foreclosure and you save their credit, them money in legal and late fees and time in selling their home who cares what they think, they should be grateful and understanding. Do they complain if a realtor makes their 6% which could be easily 5-10k. You are providing a service which HELPS them and in return makes you money. I’ll tell you what, If I was going into foreclosure and you saved my credit, money in late fees, attorney’s fees and tons of stress, I could really care less what any investor makes. And I’m sure alot of other people feel the same way.
I think you’ll be surprised at how many thank you’s you’ll get rather than alot of complaining.
Just go have fun!!!

Good luck,