Does "Solar" Attract Buyers?

Looking for a consensus here and input. Going “Solar” is the new buzzword in new construction these days and I feel that this is a good thing. Not that I have done this yet, but I was wondering IF a person were to buy a property well under FMV (Short sale, REO, distressed etc) and there was enough to equity to at least go solar for the hot water system (1-2 solar panels) at a cost of $2,000- $3,000 would you do it? Do you think that this would be a positive marketing concept?

Attract buyers? Sure. Good return on investment, probably not. Every dollar spent on paint, carpet, kitchen, bathroom, etc equals multiple dollars back. With solar and some green products you’ll be lucky to get a return equal to what you spent. The only green product I’ve seen yet that is cheap enough (see also cheap enough to get a roi) to use regularly is bamboo flooring, its not far off in cost from hardwood and its very nice looking (if you like lighter colors).

I just learned something. Great post.

Check out some of these brands, they have pics of the products. Not too bad looking:

Cork is another green product for flooring, I don’t really like the look but some do:

I just price checked on that site above with bamboo vs hardwood and the bamboo was actually cheaper in most of the varieties I saw by $1/sqft or so.

Bamboo is a great ‘green’ product. And it now comes darker - just look for carbonized bamboo.
We are looking at doing the floors of our personal residence in bamboo. I love it!