Does size matter?

My girlfriend thinks so.

I have been using 12x18 we buy houses signs for some time now and have been happy with the results. I was wondering if 18x24 signs get a larger volume of calls. I am worried that these signs will be more likely to be taken down or fly away.

What is the experience with these larger signs that others are having?


Your girlfriend is right, when she becomes your wife you’ll find that this is especially true (even when she’s wrong she’s still right). I’d think you would get far better responses to the 18x24 signs and the prices aren’t that much higher for them so I think its a no-brainer.

I havn’t tried the 12x18, only the 18x24 but i can tell you that my signs look better than anyone else’s 12x18’s!

I get about a lead a day from my signs, with just a couple intersections ‘signed up’.

When i go out to hit my intersections, i see other’s signs. But they’re all 12x18, and my sign stands out MUCH better than theirs. I’d go with the 18x24’s!

Thanks fellas. Looking forward to some more volume with the larger signs this weekend…not looking forward to telling the little lady she might be right


I actually know someone who migrated from 12x18’s to 18x24’s and they seem to be getting more leads out of it. Just remember, while the size of the sign will help you out, make sure it is in an ideal location where people can see it.

Good luck with the girlfriend, by the way :).