Does it Matter?


As some of you know, my goal is to have a rental by October 1st. So please pardon my numerous questions. I have been struggling in deciding what I should start with a single family or multi unit or does it really matter. I like the upside of the single family - selling quickly (if need be), better tenants (is this true?). On the other hand the upside of multi units is one roof, multi units, etc.

In your professional opinion, what is the best option for a newbie?

duplex is a good start.

why the “deadline”? Investing is like finsihing a school book report, but rather finding the “right” deal that meets your criteria.

The main reason for a deadline is that if I don’t set a timeframe, I will not do it. It is so easy to push off something that is out of my comfort zone. I do understand that I have to be very selective with my property, buying right, but I have a goal with some grace period.

Why do you recommend a duplex? Do you think it might be overwhelming for a newbie?

In general multi-units get better cashflow but they take more work. If you’re concerned with taking on too much to start, maybe a single family makes more sense for you.