Does it matter what city you wholesale in?

I’m in Florida. As I expand, I would assume I won’t have to physically see all these houses, which is the way I prefer?

What’s stopping me from going national? Would Miami be better or worse than Orlando, for example?

I am limited by the number of letters I can afford to send out.

I would hope that any mass mailing campaign I do would bring a return on investment.

Im thinking it is best to start with one or two counties and then slowly and wisely expand your territory over the course of many years. Set long term goals.

Have you spent a lot of time in these cities? Some people dislike Miami. If you are one of those people then you should probably avoid doing business there.

Also an old school investor in single family rental homes told me that she never buys houses in neighborhoods that she would not live in herself once it was fixed up.

All Ears, your handing out bad advice. most of the houses I wholesale are in areas I wudnt live in, but my cash rehab
buyers love them, they are cheap and generate good rental profits.
The end buyers grew up in these areas and that is where they want to be.
Now get out there and do some deals b4 you start handing out uninformed advice.
Have you and redstar teamed up yet?

I read Red’s question wrong. I was thinking of fix hold and rent situations. But whatever

Nah but the past two months being at this site have been very productive months learning real estate. Basically most of my free time is put into learning real estate.