Does anyone know.....

I am looking for other ways to make money then single family homes… I have numerous lease/op deals working in my favor but there has to be something more… I just signed up for this so any advice or some kind of feed back would be appreciated… just let me know what your doing out there in other states so I can expand my mind more… Thank you…



Your post is quite vague. What are you currently doing? Flipping? Rentals? What are your goals? There are limitless possibilities beyond SFHs. You could do multi-family properties, commercial, stocks, bonds, build another business, etc.

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Welcome to the board. I would suggest that you look over the previous posts to see if there is something you are interest in.

The great thing about the real estate industry is there are so many niches. The key is finding a niche and becoming an expert in it. It can be flipping, wholesale, buy and hold, lease options, land development, commercial, and on and on.

Do some leg work, find an area that interests you and become and expert in it. Do your homework but don’t fall into the trap of eternally getting ready to get ready. Too many potential investors are stuck there and endlessly read books, take seminars and make forum posts yet never do anything.

Take the plunge once you have an area that interests you. You will pay for your education one way or the other. Sometimes books are good. Sometimes seminars and courses are good. But nothing beats the education you will get in the school of hard knocks.

Quote: But nothing beats the education you will get in the school of hard knocks.

Having had that education I would not recommend it to anyone… My goodness. Go get training from someone who has been there done that. Which is different then the guys on stage most of the time…

Michael Quarles

You know I was thinking why is it that I advise to go to the local real estate investment club. I have been to training and what I find is that there are 100 people sitting there taking a class. Some are “professional dreamers” they take class after class and talk and talk about what is best to do. They are like guys sitting around talking about what they would do if they hit the lottery. They bring pillows and one even had TV trays to put the reading material on. When I go to the real estate investors club most people there are buying houses. They tell you what they are doing and what is working. They are not talking about what they will do one day in the great by and by. When I left those classes, I still had no idea what to do that would work where I am. When I left the real estate investor’s club, I knew exactly who to call, what to ask for, and what a good deal looked like.

I say all the time that you can’t learn from someone’s mistakes because I can tell you about a million mistakes and you still have no idea how to do it that would work. I can tell you once how it works and avoid all the million mistakes. You learn from a person’s successes. The people making success after success are at the local real estate investor’s club.

Lots of ways to make cash on homes right now.

Right now Im heavy into rentals.