Does Anyone Know Where........

Hi everyone, Im looking for a good construction lender for a client of mine.

I have a borrower here in CA who owns a lot and he’s about to get permits so he’s looking to initiate a construction loan. We want a loan on the future value of the property and according to his calculations we shouldnt need more than 70% of the future value to complete the project.

Who can get that done?

Borrower has 700+ fico scores, owns about 8 properties already, has assets to show.

Also he’s looking for a loan on the purchase of land as high as possible 70-90% whats the highest any lender may do on raw land?

Please advise, he’s ready to go, thanks.

Best Wishes,

Mike Siehien


There are several indymac, national city, flagstar,bizmark

Countrywide is also very strong in this area.