Does anyone have a New Construction Checklist.......

I have been apart of new construction before but I will be doing my first one completely ALONE. Now since I dont trust any contractors/builders even if I worked with them for years I am looking for a checklist of some sort on doing a residental single family home.

Let me know if anyone can help me out


I have a rather lengthy list I made for a friend of mine that I can email you (Excel file)…Listed every step for him to do on a particular house and the order to do it in (sans plumbing since this house didn’t need it) and also includes a shopping list for him…Send me an email/pm and I’ll forward it to you…

I have built multiple single family homes and I have some advice for you.

This is said over and over but very rarely done.

Hire sub’s that do quality work. It will save you thousands over the coarse of the job.

The easiest way I know of to get REAL quality minded guy’s is to ask one of your sub’s for a recommendation. The guy you ask should be a stand out contractor you have known for years. This sounds very simple but it works. I needed a good electrician after mine got into a motorcycle accident. I asked my Mason (the best) for a high quality electrician, notice I didn’t ask for a cheap electrician. He told me “this is the guy I would use if I was building my own house.” I called him, he gave me a competitive price (but not the lowest) showed up on time, and he along with one helper roughed in an entire 2000 sq. ft. Colonial in one weekend!! DONE!
Came back as scheduled for the finish work. Total time at my job?? 4 days!!

I use this same method for any additional new subs I need. If you have a really great framer? Ask him for a foundation contractor. See, framers have to square up a foundation sill plate before they frame the walls, these guy’s KNOW who builds a plumb, square and level foundation. They would much rather work after a good foundation contractor than a hacker. Same goes for painters, no better way to find a great plasterer or dry wall contractor than to ask a good painter. Same theory, they’ve got to put paint over the other guy’s work.

Need a good plumber? Ask your electrician, their both working in the same wall cavities. A good electrician will not be happy with a sloppy plumber.

Last thing…When you find these guy’s LISTEN to their ideas. they know what works and what doesn’t. Case in point, I usually put flood lights on the backs of my Colonials for the backyards. They usually get mounted under the soffits. My “new” electrician made a suggestion. He said it was easier for the home owner if you mount them UNDER the back bedroom window. Preferable the Master. He puts a light switch for them in the kitchen next to the slider and another one next to the master bedroom window. That way if at night the homeowner hears something in the yard they can switch the light on while looking out the upstairs window. It also makes changing light bulbs a BREEZE! Reach right out the open window from inside and change the bulb. Simple but smart!

Just some free advice.