Does anyone do this?

I am a wholesaler of foreclosures to rehabbers. I also have a running list of people who are approved with Secton 8 vouchers who need houses. If I refer one of them to my rehabbers after they rehab one of my properties, what do you think is a fair referral fee? My husband thinks 1 month rent is fair.

Unless the vacancy rate is very high in your area (more than 15%, in my experience) I think asking anything at all is too much. If YOU “throw them a bone” by giving them a fairly reliable tenant when they put the property into service that you sold them, they’ll be much more likely to buy from YOU again. It’s just good business to help out your clients, no matter what business that may be. Trying to milk them for every dime will only alienate them and they’ll look elsewhere for their next rehab opportunity.

I understand what you are saying. This rehabber has bought more than 1 property from me. I got a $10k assignment fee on this, and he got a great deal where he might make $50k if he sells now, and about $500 per month on my tenant if he rents to her.
I understand about throwing bones, but I don’t work for free, and if I give him a sure deal he doesn’t have to advertise for or hold and pay a mortgage on an empty house there has to be some value in that.
Doesn’t everyone pay for information in some way?
Im not greedy here but I want to make some money if I give a referral. Real estate brokers get 1 month commission on apt rentals or buildings.
Any other thoughts on this?

RE brokers get what they have negotiated with the owner of the property, and they represent the property owners best interest. you seem to be at best a marketing match maker, i would estimate the value of your service, the equivalent of a paid classified.

if you want 1mn referral fee, then you should negotiate this up front ; not after the first deal is already done.

as for re brokers, some do get 1 mn rent for placement, but only a few in certain areas.

nothing has been negotiated with this rehabber because I never knew I would even find a renter for him. I just got in touch with this person.
I do feel a little strange asking for a $1000 for her, but it would save him the advertising costs and time because she already has a voucher for section 8 and is ready to move in.
Anyone would be glad to have her.
Maybe I should have done the rehab myself and stuck her in there to rent from me ha? eh, live and learn

There is no such thing as a reliable section 8 tenant.They charge 1 month rent in my area and I think it is highway robbery.In another area I am working in they charge a cup of coffee in the morning.I buy their whole breakfast.