Does anybody really know?

I have always wondered how many deals have the gurus really done?

Did they just learn how and are great public speakers?

Is there actualy proof of there transactions?

Where can I find this proof?

LEGAL DISCLAIMER reoconsultants in no way shape or form is trying to take away from any of the gurus just have always had those questions! And doesen’t in anyway doubt there success…

Love that web site


I have wondered by reading your posts how many deals a Guru would have to prove they have done to show they know what they are talking about to you?

How many provable deals do you think would qualify?

Myself I am just a Course Writer so maybe a course writer doesn’t have to do as many as a Guru. ???

John $Cash$ Locke

I appreciate the reply Yeah I do my fair share… I don’t really think about it anymore its just natural! You always give great advice yourself! so you know the inside better then most!! Wanna write a course I have a ton of stuff I have written that I probably will never use I would love to share with someone of your caliber!

I am so sorry john I meant another course I am looking for someone to read all the things I wrote!!!


I volunteer to read your stuff. Email me and we can discuss it offline.

Short of searching Tax Rolls for their name in the county & state where transactions happened, assuming properties were purchaed in their names, my guess is it would be hard to truely see all their accomplishments. That said, in depth knowledge can speak volumes about ones accomplishments. It can also mean one is quite well versed by the book, lol. Either way, who cares right. All that matters is that we can take away good advice, learn from one another, and achive our respective personal goals! :wink:

$Cash$, I’d be willing to beta test your materials for you. :wink:



DaveT, is a professional in our great industry, should you decide to have him look at your material you will get an unbiased opinion.

However, I wonder when you become a Guru will you be so quick to point out John T. Reed’s site if he label’s you “I Do Not Recommend”?

John $Cash$ Locke

I looked at the John Reed website. I personally don’t know whether the things he says are true or not, but I seriously have to question a person who sells real estate courses and gives “do not recommend” opinions to his competition.

Great point I personaly have read John T. Reeds books and I would have to say

I personally do not recommend very un-descriptive and really hard to follow so If I ever did become a guru I would probably get the same from him I would only expect that. You at least have to have respect for him he did recommend his own mother!!!