Does anybody know?

I have a question? How do I find investors in a specific area? Does anyone know anybody flipping houses in say California that might be willing to help out a marine? ??? ??? I am pretty new at all this, my circle hasn’t expanded quite that far.


I started in rei about 3 weeks ago, I posted here and other forums looking for investors along with calling all the “we buy houses” signs
on the road and newspaper ads and even met a few at county records office.

Now I know 23 .

Try the same methods, should know a handful soon as far as them helping… well most I have met are really helpful and if you bird dog (find leads) for them they may take you under their wing as one that I have met has started to do more so than others.

Easier if you bring something to the table…i.e Bird Dog

Thanks, Really great suggestion.

EdensGate ;D