Does anybody know anything about grant prorgams

hey guys,

does anybody know about grants that help w fixing residential and commercial properties? If so, what are the guidelines you have to do in order to get this kind of benefit?

Thanks everyone for their input.

Hello, Try this website: I hope this helps.

I don’t know a lot, but many are for first time homebuyers and are for primary residences only. I would be curious what you find, so please post here if you find some program for investors to fix up properties.

Your city or state should have some grant money available for brownfields.

Hey 4EEM,

what do you mean by having grants available at brownfields? Can you clarify that for me?


Some lead abatement programs will fix windows, heating systems and roofs, too. Even for investors.

Downside is a multi year lein you would have to pay back if you sold before the lein period is up. And is anything ever really free? You may have to cap your rents on future tenants for a period of time also. If you’re buying to hold, it’s worth a look.